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Testimonial 17:  Practitioner Course

"I attended the 3 day  NS Relaxation Course in West Dorset in May this year. The whole experience was extremely positive, uplifting and beneficial for all of us who took part and on multiple levels. The course content is superb and is clearly the fruits of many years of thoughtful, caring and thorough research and development. Lyn and Graham are outstanding teachers and have a great way at both an individual and group level. Somehow they seem to be able to pitch things just right and the 3 days had a very natural, energising yet calm and relaxed flow.

I left the course with knowledge, insight and understanding and the practical lessons and tools to make NS part of my personal and business practice. I felt and continue to be feel a greater inner calm, balance and greater confidence and conviction. I am excited by the possibilities and potential that NS space offers to us all.

This body work has massive potential as a force for good which could positively impact the lives of many. NS can be an enabler for us to ground, relax and recharge and go out there and live our lives to the full and be the best we can be! Full of good energy and potential! A big thank you to Lyn and Graham and all the amazing people I met as part of this wonderful programme"

James D

Dorset  2018