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Testimonial 15: Practitioner Course

"Intrigued by the wonderful experience of the introductory day for Neutral Space Relaxation, I was keen to commit to the 3-day Practitioner Course with a view to adding NSR to my therapeutic practice. The facilitators, Lyn and Graham, have produced a masterful method of relaxing both mind and body in a simple process that reinvigorates the subtle energy flow systems within and surrounding the recipient. As a bonus, I felt my own energy systems were also being re-attuned when acting as the practitioner.

The workshop contains a good balance of "hands-on" body work with an easy to understand theoretical premise and background and also includes some more in-depth spiritual exploration in the form of guided visualisations.

As you might expect, the 3-day course is a totally relaxing event, which of course facilitates the learning process!"

Chris J