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Neutral Space Relaxation®


Core Relaxation with Yoga style Exercises  

“We can choose the heart”

(   ) to (   ) —––– 2023 Wednesday to Friday  

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£100 Deposit       £500* Retreat

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If you wish to contact us please phone or Email

Please use email or Call

£100 Deposit plus 4 payments of £100 or

3 Day Course for £500

Early Bird book before

31st   August 2018

(Please  Amend Fee if using Paypal Link : Deposit or Full Course Fee)

West Dorset Barn - Training Venue for Relaxation West Dorset Barn - Training Venue Perfect for Relaxation



‘old’ Barn

3 Blissful Days

Main Cottage

Views & Relaxation

Rural Location


West Dorset Retreat

Our offer to you : We are running a Course within a ‘Retreat’ in West Dorset. If you would like to join us for a refresh or with a view to becoming a ‘Facilitator’ of NSR, then you are invited to join us for the special fee of £225 plus Accommodation extra (if required). Please RSVP as we have 12 places in total.

Also if you have friends / colleagues that would like to attend the 3 day Course (full Fee) please refer them and would can offer to you our referral fee of £50

The Link to share for the Retreat  (LINK)

Neutral Space (Core) Relaxation® ‘Life’ Course

This Course is for students who are seeking an understanding of ‘Core Relaxation’. Having your inner Core stability is paramount in the modern workplace, social life, activities, and home and family life, assisting to re-balance from stress and anxiety, at a Core level. Relaxation the common denominator, comes first for life to flourish.

The course contains:

     (No strenuous Yoga exercise)

Within this course we explain how we can understand choice, with strategies to make a difference for life balance.

It seems many of us spend most of our lives with an ‘off balance’ energy, making it a challenge to live life to the ‘FULL’. To achieve balance is just the beginning, balance is not where we want to be, its the beginning - there is a great deal more for us to enjoy once we have achieved it.

This Course is for you, if you are new to Holistic bodywork and wish to have a blissful retreat, and gain from the experience.

This Course is for you, if you are wishing to experience Core Relaxation, stability and balance for you and your clients.


Feel better,  Feel more relaxed,  Stress Resolution,

Experience a deep relaxation,  Improved relationships,

Leading edge understandings linked with Science,

Expansion,  Connectivity,  A feeling of community.

Also, for those students who have already attended, or are about to attend an Intro Day with Neutral Space Relaxation® plus:

Carers,      Physical education,

Health & Wellbeing,   Fitness Trainers,

With no prerequisite for students to attend this certificated Practitioners Course.


“I attended the 3 day NSR Course in West Dorset in May ’18.

The whole experience was extremely positive, uplifting and

beneficial for all of us who took part and on multiple levels.

The course content is superb and is clearly the fruits of many

years of thoughtful, caring and thorough research and

development”.  J D Dorset

"The time spent having a Neutral Space Relaxation is always very

rewarding and leaves me feeling at peace".   CH Surrey

This is So much More that anyone can put into words!   C.B   Devon

…….My Neutral Space Relaxation session with Lyn was unforgettable.

 I was almost immediately able to access the deepest state of meditation

where I felt I was really relaxed and in harmony with my core essence.   

I can't wait to learn this modality for myself.

CD Dorset

Pdf of Course information (for view and download)

The Venue and Course content

The Course includes:

Core Relaxation curriculum, bodywork, exercises, great understandings as to the depth of ‘neutral space’,

What is included:     

Accredited course activities.

Complete Practitioner Training

Practitioner Certificate of Attendance,

enabling you to have Clients and work with Neutral Space Relaxation® sessions.

Documentation for Case Studies / Client Sessions / Code of Ethics

Timings:     Starting 9.30am – 5.00pm daily.

What is not included:

Your travel to and from the venue in West Dorset

Evening Meals (available at venue. Please Ask)


The Course includes:

Plus at the venue – Accommodation and menu.

What is included?

Full Retreat course activities                   £500 Course    

Lunchtime Light Lunch x 3 days.

Bed & *Breakfast (Continental Style*)

2 Nights Accommodation                   + £65 B&B inc Lunch /per day

Additional ‘night prior’ option                 + £65 B&B

Single Occupancy supplement                  £25 / night  


An evening meal at ‘the venue’ x 2 eves. available at additional cost, or pop out to a local Pub or Restaurant.

The special early bird booking … £ 500  

Course Price          if booked after 31st August'18   £550

2 Nights  Accommodation    £65 p.p / night

3 Nights  Accommodation    £65 p.p / night

+ Single Supplement £25 p.p. / night

Course Fee £500 ( or £550)

Total:  _____________________

This is the special    £ 500 Early Booking

Retreat Price after 31st August £550


Contact us today to secure you place for this retreat experience  :  Please use email or Call

First Come First Served - Max 12 Places

Investment: Single payment £500

£100 Deposit and 4 payments £100

(all payments to be completed by the commencement of the retreat).

Early Bird Book before  31st Aug 2018

3 Day Course for £500

Retreat West Dorset Poster - 4 Days in May - Peaceful Rural Location. Retreat West Dorset Poster - 4 Days in May - Peaceful Rural Location. West Dorset Retreat - Typical Training Space for Relaxation Courses The Star of Relaxation for Love Your Health

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Booking form (opens PDF for printing)

To contact us Please use email or Call

Or call  +44(0)1243 649079

£100 Deposit plus 4 payments of £100 or

3 Day Course for £500

Early Bird Book before

31st Aug 2018

(Please  Amend Fee if using Paypal Link : Deposit or Full Course Fee)

Course - Core Exercises

Neutral Space Limited.

The Cottage, Old Mill House, Mill Lane, Sidlesham.  PO20 7LX United Kingdom   

Phone: +44 (0)1243 649079     Email:

D-U-N-S Number: " 217324582 "

All our courses are Accredited by:

IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine).

The Relaxation Academy

    The Relaxation Academy

Neutral Space Limited

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Bank Transfer (preferred) or PayPal

£100 Deposit       £500* Retreat

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