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Neutral Space Relaxation®  


Practitioner Review Sessions   

Dates to be confirmed 2023

To be held in West Sussex, and or

Charmouth Dorset

12.00 to 4.00pm

Your opportunity to review the session of NSR Relaxation® either on a couch or a seated session

To book: Please contact us


is bodywork relaxation using the simple techniques of the 'FLOW' System™.

given throughout the time by Lyn and Graham and other NSR Practitioners..

If you wish to contact us please

email info@neutral-space.co.uk


"The time spent having a Neutral Space Relaxation is always very rewarding and leaves me feeling at peace".  CH Surrey

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day - it was great fun - and so beneficial - by the end of the day I was totally and completely relaxed in both mind and body.

I will definitely be learning more about this amazing pamper treatment and I would recommend it to absolutely everyone.'

CG. Devon

This is So much More that anyone can put into words!  C.B  Devon

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