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Neutral Space Relaxation®

NSR Practitioner Course

Relaxation Specialist & Self Care

Dates  12th - 14th September 2023  Code C20

Tuesday to Thursday  

Eames Conference Centre, Thorney Island, Emsworth West Sussex

This Neutral Space Relaxation® Practitioner Course is for students who are seeking an understanding of ‘deep relaxation’. Physical, mental and emotional stability are paramount in the modern workplace, social life activities or home and family life, to re-balance from stress and anxiety, this must come first.

The course contains:


self care for daily stability

seated session for the ‘office/ home environment’.

Balance exercises

Full Course Manual

Pictorial Guide sheets

Giving and receiving

Communication Guidance - Practitioner / Client

Within the course we deliver the explanation on how we can understand choice, with strategies to make a difference for life balance. Learn how to recognise stress reactions and progress the reactions to responses, allowing the movement away from stress and towards relaxation.

This course is for you, if you are new to Holistic bodywork and have as yet do not have a client practice.

Those students who have already attended or are about to attend an Intro Day with NSR.

Try NSR with the : Introduction Day

The Intro-day can be arranged at short notice as required.

All our courses are accredited by:


The Relaxation Academy

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"The time spent having a Neutral Space Relaxation is always very rewarding and leaves me feeling at peace".  CH Surrey

This is So much More that anyone can put into words!  C.B  Devon

…….My Neutral Space Relaxation session with Lyn was unforgettable.  

I was almost immediately able to access the deepest state of meditation where I felt I was really relaxed and in harmony with my core essence.   I can't wait to learn this modality for myself.  CD Dorset

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