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SessionsNeutral Space Training Course - Professional Relaxation Sessions

TrainingNeutral Space Relaxation Practitioner Training Course - Professional Relaxation

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About our Courses

About the ‘Relaxation’ session

Neutral Space Relaxation Training Course Facilitator Information Flyer

Please contact Graham or Lyn Whiteman for more information on becoming a sucessful N-S Facilitator, we are looking for the right people to join us.

See Diary for Dates

Facilitator   Training - Create your own business

To gain the skills to be able to teach this joyful work is now  within your grasp.

We work closely with potential facilitators to make sure they have achieved the required capacity and capability to give all students of the Introduction Day and the various Practitioner Courses, the assurance that the are on the right guided path to Relaxation Neutral Space Style.

Is this You?

o Do you wish you could add in a modality that was Effortless effort, whilst being extremely effective?

o Do you wish to offer your Clients an even simpler way to Relax than they could possibly imagine?

o Do you work with mindfulness already, and wish to build on the benefits?

o Do you wish to work smarter and not harder?

If you wish to become a Neutral Space Facilitator for our Practitioner Courses, and can study the Introduction Day, and the Practitioner and the Advanced practitioner, and cover our Facilitator Training within an 18 month period (or less with fast forward) and know at the beginning this is what you wish to do then we can offer you a striking discount for signing up NOW...

Talk to Lyn or Graham to-day.

Then this course is for you?

As part of this offer you will be able to become an Neutral Space Affiliate for every student who completes a Advanced Practitioner Course as a contact from your Training Courses.

Q.  If you already are an holistic practitioner/therapist and trainer/facilitate and would like the option of becoming a Neutral Space Relaxation®Facilitator, adding to or making a thriving business from Training,

a) for The Neutral Space Introduction Day,

Is this you? CLICK Option C

b) for The Neutral Space Relaxation Practitioner Course,

Is this you? CLICK Option D

Course Outline and definitions

Pre-requisite: Completion of an initial Introduction Day, plus 2 more, and a Practitioner course, to be completed within 18 months / CV required.


Contact us by email or Phone Check your Fee OPTIONS

Contact Graham or Lyn Whiteman to discuss joining any of the courses. Contact us after your 1st Introduction Day to see and hear the scope of becoming a NSR Practitioner / Facilitator.

(Special consideration is taken on Existing Facilitator / Tutor Qualifications. Please Email / Phone - CV required).

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