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SessionsNeutral Space Training Course - Professional Relaxation Sessions

TrainingNeutral Space Relaxation Practitioner Training Course - Professional Relaxation

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About the ‘Relaxation’ session

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Bodywork Practitioner Advanced -

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Practitioner Advanced Course

The introduction day gives the student the skills to work with their friends and family to achieve amazing results with relaxation, calming and stress reduction, coping skills for tension by the use of this bodywork system.

With the complexities of the human body it follows that there is more to learn when relaxing the client to levels of reset and rebalance that, for the client, may have become a distant memory.

This 3 day course is an enhancement of the initial practitioner course, giving more understandings under pinning the work and many more techniques and templates for you to use to benefit your clients.

The Advanced course is a natural follow on from the Practitioner Course and can be taken when you have been working with Neutral-Space Relaxation and wish to learn even more...

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The course will bring a greater confidence to the Practitioners when working with clients. This fundamental position underpins the work to a high degree. Allowing all the methods taught to be fully felt, embodied, and integrated, to enable a greater understanding when applying these techniques rather than just receiving.

Working in a ‘state’ of Neutral, this gentle and caring role is even more fully embodied.

Day 1                

Relaxation pathways within the body

expansion of ‘space’

Elements,  Nervous System.

Day 2   

Setting the space client / Practitioner.

Working with the fundamentals of

relaxation principles.

Bodywork practice

Day 3

Working with the Body.

Neutral Space Techniques.

Bodywork Programme.

Suggested exercises for you and your clients.

Completeing the Course is part of the pathway to RPP Polarity Therapy Training

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