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SessionsNeutral Space Training Course - Professional Relaxation Sessions

TrainingNeutral Space Relaxation Practitioner Training Course - Professional Relaxation

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About our Courses

About the ‘Relaxation’ session

Stress Less More Success

By Lyn and Graham Whiteman Award Winning Authors.

Transformation Coaching.

Very simlpy, to relax means a change to our physiology, calmer means more creative, more inspiration means growth and increased productivity, both within the home and work environment.

Being relaxed is just the beginning.

The Relaxation course:  Is to effect an understanding of and immediate dissolving of stress for attendees bringing forward a body 'mindfulness' smile for both management and employees.

On personal develpoment

 It transforms the way, from traversing life to enjoying life with all your creative potential fully functioning.  


A relaxed place of work becomes a successful environment for Business. Increased 'Clarity' Improved focus, relaxed creativity.

Our experience:

We are experienced Registered Bodywork Practitioners and have been working with this type of bodywork for over 14 years.  Neutral Space has been developed to bridge the gap and the need for Stress Management in Business and other areas through the facilitation of  the Training Programmes Neutral Space offer.  Relaxation is key to the physical and mental wellbeing. When in balance we can fully function, when out of balance we are not able to perform at optimum.

Our Goal at Neutral Space Limited is to facilitate an understanding of neutral through bodywork and presentations of a different way of working and the ethos  that is unique to Neutral Space. This will be shared with you on your Relaxation Training Course

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‘Our Book' by Lyn and Graham Whiteman: