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SessionsNeutral Space Training Course - Professional Relaxation Sessions

TrainingNeutral Space Relaxation Practitioner Training Course - Professional Relaxation

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About our Courses

About the ‘Relaxation’ session

About our Courses  

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Training : Core Relaxation Practitioner

As a Sports Coach or Personal Trainer, Physical Education Instructor, Sports Massage Practitioner -  you may consider experiencing and/or adding this Neutral Space Relaxation® Core Relaxation bodywork knowledge to your existing training,  this can make a difference to how quickly one bounces back from a training session or exercise, whether in Fitness programmes or in recovery, or just in normal life.

Running our ‘Relaxation’ 3 day Courses for Corporate Sports and fitness groups, we have monitored the feedback, which shows that the relaxation levels improve and therefore the ability to rebalance and feel better is an outcome of the work.  

We use a specific sequence that enables energy to rebalance and flow in the body, this in turn supports the body in its functions just by being more relaxed. Active Intensive Relaxation (A.I.R) is a process of creating deep relaxation in the body.

We encounter many stressors in life, and in general, when we are training and working for optimum fitness then this bodywork session training can assist with calming things down, essentially allowing the body to rebalance itself more efficiently.

We need to be poised for the next thing, and contrary to popular belief

‘being relaxed’ may get us there sooner, it’s actually a dynamic place to be able to respond, rather than react.  Neutral Space Relaxation® (Core) with Yoga style exercises assist with Core Resilience, and stability, and works with the body naturally.

On this course you will learn how to:

o Give and receive this unique method

o Utilise the ‘Principle of Neutral’ in any area of life

o Implement and apply ‘Neutral’ in communication which can allow conflict to dissipate and improve the quality of your relationships

o Bring about ‘Core’ stability within oneself and others

o ‘Hold the Space’ fully for yourself and others

o Establish a Space of Neutral which is all encompassing and creatively inspirational.

o Work with a win/win philosophy even in competition where winning is paramount in competitive sports.

o Focus and stay focused being in the zone totally relaxed poised for dynamic response to perform at your best.

o Know where your balance point is so you can return to it quickly and easily

o Work with easy exercises to enhance Core stability.

Achieve, on course completion, a Relaxation Specialist status - Neutral Space (IPHM Accredited) plus, receive a Certificate, after the training criteria and Case Studies.

Add to you CPD hours.

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Physical Education Practitioners, and Physio students, who have taken the 3 day training Core Relaxation with Neutral Space Relaxation

Total Relaxation and good feeling of well being. AH  Midlands

Everyone should experience Neutral at least once in a lifetime! AH

Nicely paced experiential learning. MH West Sussex

Apart from working with a lovely group of people. The opportunity to put knowledge gained into practice and also experience the process. AH Midlands

Thank you for passing your vision on. And the experiences on, experienced along the way. AH

Relaxation, Awareness, Holding Space, Core.

LP West Sussex

The Star of Relaxation for Love Your Health

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Core Relaxation Traininig Course by Neutral Space Health Recovery and your own Business Neutral Space - the mental attitude required, exercises for core relaxation Neutral Introduction Day - away from the stress and anxiety

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Individual or team sport

Training for your group(s) with a minimum of 6, bespoke courses, call to discuss your individual requirements


 Lyn and Graham


‘Core Relaxation’

3 Days

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